Frequently Asked Questions


Q 1.     I am a student of a university, please tell me how can I apply for the Prime Minister's Laptop scheme?

A.         Please refer to Students' Service Portal available at and get yourself register, your application will be considered as per the defined eligibility and merit criteria. However, if you are eligible students as per terms and conditions of Phase-III and already registered at the above referred portal during Phase - II of the scheme, you are required to update your profile using the aforementioned portal.

Q 2.     I am a student of BS 4-year program in a university. I am in 7th semester and have attained 3.5 GPA in my last semester, i.e. 6th semester. The GPA secured in 6th semester will be considered?

A.         As per eligibility criteria only CGPA (i.e. Cumulative GPA of all pervious semesters) shall be considered. In Phase-III of the program the results announced as of 30th June 2016 will be considered

Q 3.     Can you please tell me if M. Phil. / PhD university teachers are eligible under the PM's Laptops scheme?

A.         Prime Minister's Laptops scheme is for all the "Students" only, who are enrolled at any of the public sector higher education institutes of Pakistan & AJK irrespective of their employment condition.

Q 4.     I am student 7th semester of Bachelors of Science in Computer Sciences (BSCS) from University of Malakand having 70% marks up till now. How the CGPA will be equated in percentage?

A.         The Grading standard as followed by the universities/ institutes whether CGPA or Percentage for any specific program shall be considered accordingly. Students do not need to do any conversion from CGPA to Percentage or Vice Versa. Please consult your university/ institute's Focal Person for further advise and clarification.

Q 5.     I have been asked by my university to send email data pertaining to my department of all eligible students for the Prime Minister's Laptop scheme, please find attached herewith in this email.

A.         Please be advised that HEC shall only consider individual's application submitted online at the Students' Service Portal available at Please check using your CNIC number if you are already registered, if so, please update your profile only.  No other mode of application shall be entertained by HEC. Students are advised to carefully fill the Online Form at the referred portal. Any mistake or error may lead to disqualification.

Q 6.     I am student of a public sector university and have come to know that my university is not in the list whereas others are included? Can you please let me know why our university is neglected?​

A.         All public sector universities/ degree awarding institutes who have secured NOC before 30th June 2016 are enlisted as eligible HEIs. For a complete listing of eligible HEIs, please refer to the tab on left side stating "Eligible Universities/ Institutes".

Q 7.     I want to know that orphans who are doing graduation are eligible for getting laptop?

A.         Students meeting the criteria as defined for the scheme are eligible, however there shall be no reserve quota for orphans.

Q 8.     Could you please tell me which students are eligible for the laptop scheme?

A.         All students, found enrolled as of June 30, 2016 in any public sector HEIs who meets the eligibility criteria are eligible. However, students will get the laptops as per distribution criteria and the Merit criteria.


Q 9.     I am an MBBS student of an affiliated college of a public sector university, could you please tell me if I am eligible for this scheme?

A.         Students of universities/ degree awarding institutes and their constituent colleges/ institutes are eligible under this scheme. The students of affiliated colleges are not covered under this scheme.​

Q 10.   I had transferred my credit hours from another university, can I apply for the laptop by using CGPA of institution from where I am transferred?

A.         No, you can only apply from the university in which you are currently enrolled.

Q 11.   How I will know I am selected or not?

A.         Students can check their status online on student service portal at

Q 12.   My status is disapproved? What does it mean?

A.         Disapprove is solely by university focal person on the basis of discrepancies in academic records or students misconduct etc.

Q 13.   I was selected student in phase I but I did not collect my laptop. Will I be able to get it in phase III?

A.         Students only register online in phase III or applied while updating their profiles, will be considered for eligibility for laptop. Registration and selection in previous phases will not be considered in phase III.

Q 14.   Can anyone collect laptop on behalf of me?

A.         It is mandatory for a student to present physically and collect his/her award by him/her self. Please ensure your availability at the stipulated date and time at the venue. If you miss to collect your award or unable to visit on the date and time. Please contact your university with in Ten (10) working days, otherwise the laptop will be shifted to the student in waiting list.

Q 15.   I am enrolled in the university in fall 2016? Am I eligible to apply for the Prime Minister Laptop scheme Phase III?

A.         Students enrolled after June 30, 2016 are not eligible apply in this phase. However, such students are encouraged to apply in phase IV of the Prime Minister Laptop scheme in 2016-2017.

Q 16.   My status in online portal shows as I am selected when will i get my laptop?

A.         Laptops will be distributed by university as per scheduled date of distribution. You will receive an email regarding stating time and date for the collection of laptop.

Q 17.   I have received a laptop how I will activate windows 10 and Microsoft office on my laptop?

A.         An email has already been sent to you on your provided email ID that contain all the information including user ID, password and link to activate windows10 and Microsoft office 365 on your system.

Q 18.   I am student of FSc. students at Government college of Islamabad? Can I apply?

A.         5% Quota is reserved for students of degree and postgraduate colleges of Federal Capital and Federally Administered Tribal Areas. You can apply online for a laptop as per the procedure.

Q 19.   I had applied in phase-I and phase-II of Prime Minister’s Laptops Scheme but I was not selected. Can I apply in phase-III of the scheme?

A.         Yes, if you are eligible as per the eligibility criteria of the Phase-III, you are encouraged to apply in this phase.

Q 20.   I have entered a wrong information at the time of registration? What should I do?

A.         In case of wrong information you are directed to coordinate with university focal person before verification of the data.

Q 21.   Can I enter my father’s CNIC at the time of registration?

A.         Student must submit his/her own CNIC, mobile number and email address during the registration process, as the provided data will be used for further processing. Submitting incorrect or fallacious data may lead to the cancellation of registration.

Q 22.   My status on online student service portal is asset issued but I did not receive laptop? What should I do?

A.         “Asset issued” means laptop has been issued against your record in the online assets issuance portal. You are requested to immediately contact the focal person of your university to receive the award. In case of any discrepancy, please feel free to contact the Project Management Unit (PM’s Laptops Scheme) at HEC.

Q 23.   I had received a laptop and keyboard is malfunctioning. How can I claim warranty?

A.         In the packaging box complete details of the service centers is provided. However, you can also lodge your complain by calling 042-111 142 437 or at:

Q24.       Is PM Laptop Scheme still active?

Yes. Currently the last phase, i.e. Phase 5 is being executed and there has been no announcement of any extension in this project.

Q25.       Can I update my data such as University, Degree Program, Year of Study, Marks, CNIC, Contact Details, etc.?

No. Once the final merit list has been generated you cannot have this data changed. For further details kindly contact your focal person.

Q26.       When will laptops be distributed to Universities and Colleges for Phase 4/ 5?

Distribution is underway at various universities and colleges. Kindly contact your University focal person for exact date.

Q27.       Will students receive Internet Dongles in Phase 5?

Currently Internet Devices are not available in Phase 5.

Q28.       When can students avail the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) vouchers which they were awarded with Laptops?

The last date to appear for MOS exams was 31st December, 2018.

Q29.       I have not received my MS Office Key through my registered email. How can I receive this?

Q30.       My Windows OS is not activated or I am unable to activate Windows. How can I do this?


Normally the OS keys could be activated automatically when the laptop is connected to internet. If the following problem still exists after laptops connected to internet then please follow these steps:

All settings  update and security  Activation

Like the above picture shows, the activation status is not activated. You see the red phrases "We can't activate windows on this device because you don't have a valid digital license or product key…"it means the key is not activated, then click on "Active Window now".

Method 02

  1. Use combination key WIN+Q to start the search function;
  2. Type in Power shell, search PowerShell

3. Run Windows PowerShell as administrator

4. Type in the following codes:

wmic path softwarelicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductkey

Click to confirm:

25 digits will be shown for those with keys;

Those without key will show blank