Science Talent Farming Scheme (STFS) for Undergraduate Program-HEC


Science Talent Farming Scheme (STFS) for Undergraduate Program-HEC


Overview of the Scheme

Science Talent Farming Scheme for Undergraduate Program - HEC is a scholarship program for the scholars who will complete their Higher Secondary School education under Science Talent Farming Scheme (Phase-I) executed by Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF).

The program shall support four year bachelor level studies at top ranking Pakistani Universities along with additional interventions to groom and capacity building of young students in Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The main theme of the scheme is that the scholars who have aptitude towards science and are outstanding in their studies could be productive scientists for future by developing their critical thinking skills.

​Specialized Interventions

·       A three to four months/Semester long non credit hour language course shall be arranged in the selected universities during the first year of studies for the scholars under the scheme to enhance their spoken and expression skills of English Language.


·   Every scholar shall appear in the IELTS/TOEFL examination conducted by relevant organizations periodically within six months' time period after the completion of English language course to measure his/her language proficiency.


·       A special summer semester shall be arranged for the scholars at participating universities to attend the lectures and to carryout research activities during the second year of study. Scholars shall be encouraged to design the proposal for the final year project.


·      One hundred outstanding scholars shall be sent abroad each year in the third year of their study to attend a semester at a high ranking foreign university of technologically advanced country in their respective field of study. 


·       Research Project shall be mandatory for all Scholars in their final year of BS studies under the Science Talent Farming Scheme. The scholars are expected to start designing the research project in the second year of studies. The universities shall be asked to provide the lab facilities and supervision during the summer vacations.

NOTE: HEC has the right to amend and revise the interventions at any stage and all terms and conditio​ns shall be applicable to the selected scholars.​​

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