Commercialization of Research

​Following are the innovative projects of UET Peshawar ready for commercialization:

1. Sugarcane Planter

2. Low cost Sand Filters for purification of ponds' water at household level

3. Watersoft (Water Management Software)

4. Dripsoft (Trickle Irrigation Design Software)

5. Synthesis of Magnesium Sulphate from Indigenous Magnesite Ore

6. Electronic Digital Engine Temperature Monitoring System (EDETMS)

7. Ozone Generator

8. Animal driven electrical power generation design

9. Solar Air Heater

10. Paraboloid Solar Cooker

11. Solar Oven

12. GPS based Crop Estimation System

13. Car Parking Indication and Slots Information System

14. Brain Tumor Detection using Image Processing

15. Intelligent and Secure Transportation System based on Wireless Sensor Networks using RFID Tags and Reader.

16. Mechanical Regenerative Braking System for a Bicycle.

17. Coal Briquette Machine.

18. Solar Dehydrator for Agricultural Products

19. Biogas Generation using Solar Energy

20. Fabrication of a Coal Fired Furnace

21. Automatic Fish Feeder

22. Expert System for the Selection Crushers and Grinders


Details of these projects can be viewed by clicking on below link: 

Innovative Projects ready for commercialization at UET Peshawar