Objective & Structure

​​By integrating students, entrepreneurs, and universities, business incubators have the most significant impact on the economy when they are tied to universities. Therefore, initiatives have been taken to pair incubators with local universities.

The Objectives are summarized as:

  1. ​​Promotion of Entrepreneurship/self-employment among Youth
  2. Commercialization of viable research stemming from University
  3. Closer linkages between Industry-Academia
  4. Contribute to economic growth by employment generation and creation of small and medium start-up Companies

Incubator Structure:

Incubator will have the following staff and they will be responsible for the operations of the incubator.

1.     Director

2.     Incubator Manager

3.     IT/Admin Assistant

4.     Receptionist

5.     Office Boy

6.     Janitor

7.     Security Guard


Physical Infrastructure:

Incubates will be provided well-furnished offices. All offices will be ready-to-use and come with hassle-free services, including;

1.   Reception services

2.   Shared meeting rooms

3.   Dedicated internet access

4.   Business Centre services​