Guidelines for ORIC

​​​​​​​​​Guidelines for ORIC/Research Office/Registrar Office

  1. Principal Investigator (PI) will not open any LC for foreign payments from NRPU released grant.

  2. Under studentship following university rules & regulations a full time regular student will be hired who must not getting any type of scholarship or any other funds/remunerations or any salary and must not on study leave.

  3. Principal Investigator will submit annual reports (1st or 2nd or 3rd) within one year after released of installments (Cheque issuance date).

  4. In case project gets delayed on the part of the Party due to any reason there off, the PI will have to obey HEC decision of delay project policy.

  5. The PI will refund the expenditure incurred on the project, in case the party fails to complete the project within the stipulated time without any valid reason acceptable to HEC.

  6. During First Year of the Project Life, project will not be shifted from one university/DAI to another. In case of any conflict decision of the HEC will be final and PI has to refund whole released amount to the HEC.

  7. During First Year of the Project Life, project will not be shifted to any new PI/Co-PI/substitute PI or to any other university (in case of new appointment) because of any reason there off like study leave/postdoc leave/ new appointment etc. However, after submitting first year annual report linked with it's satisfactorily review, the PI may intend to go abroad or leave university or for postdoc/study leave etc or for any other reason after getting Project Clearance Certificate (PCC) form HEC. Failure to compile with this clause will lead to refund of the whole released amount by the PI.

  8. If Principal Investigator intends to go abroad, or leave university for any reason during 2nd or 3rd year, PI must have not only to inform HEC well before of his/her departure, but PI would also have to nominate a substitute (new PI or Co-PI as new PI) for the period of his/her absence with a plan of activities of project and PI would do needful as well for getting nominee notified as substitute/new PI by HEC prior to his departure/leaving the university so that necessary project activities in absence of PI may be carried out by the nominee/substitute. Hence, before notification for replacement of PI, nominated PI will undertake that he/she will submit next annual report(s) within one year from the date of release of 2nd or 3rd installment (what the case may be) and will responsible for completion of the Project. Failure to compliance with this clause will make responsible to the new PI (who has signed the latest agreement) to refund whole of the released amount under the project.

  9. During the subsequent years (2nd or 3rd), project will not be shifted from one university/DAI to another or to a new PI/ Co-PI (as new PI)/substitute PI etc. until and unless, provision of NOC by a) both universities/DAI(s), b) PI & Co-PI c) prove of submission of due annual report to HEC. Otherwise, in case of any conflict, PI has to refund whole released amount to HEC. Therefore, responsibility lies with PI himself/herself for completion/ settle down of any project granted to him under NRPU.

  10. If any of project is already delayed on part of the PI, same will not be transferred until the submission of annual reports as per sops of delay project policy.

  11. Principal Investigator will responsible to do necessary arrangement to refund any other income ( bank interest etc.) accruing there from any of the component of the project before closure of the project and same cannot be used in any of the project activity.

  12. It is responsible of PI that all equipment/items purchased under the project along with specification and costs must take on stock register of the concerned department under the head "permanent equipment" and a certificate in this regard, dully counter signed by the Chairman of the Department and the Institutional Head, along with copies of the relevant pages of the Stock Register be sent to the HEC (NRPU) for record and audit purpose.

  13. Principal Investigator will submit his/her annual expenditure statement well in time after paying his/her all due payments of expenditures on the specimen of annual expenditure statements (1st, 2nd, 3rd & final consolidated) that is available on HEC -NRPU website under download button. 

  14. Three annual progress reports (hard copies) with expenditure statement (3 copies) duly countersigned by Resident Auditor/Treasurer of the University/DAI etc. will be submitted by the PI to the HEC within fifteen days of the completion of each year in accordance with the instructions issued from time to time by the HEC to the PI and soft copy via email as well.

  15. Next instalment will be released after deducting previous unspent amount (if any)/committed amount if any reflected by PI in his/her annual audited expenditure statement submitted to HEC.

  16. The release of the subsequent year award/next installment will be linked with the satisfactory recommendations/approval of the Annual Progress Report by the expert/reviewer/committee of experts/ reviewers as per their advice/recommendations. PI will have to revise his/her annual/final reports if so desired by the HEC/expert(s).

  17. The PI will refund whole released amount if HEC refuses either to pay the next installment or closes the project based on a) unsatisfactory progress report(s), or b) issues in the statement of accounts, or c) the manner in which expenditure has been incurred by the party.

  18.  Host University/DAI will grantee that the Principal Investigator will be facilitated and complete support will be provided to the PI for the establishment & operation of approved project, and also provide other facilities necessary for the project including land, building, space, laboratories, machinery, equipment, transport, amenities including utilities and other services throughout the life cycle of this project.

  19. Moreover, host University/DAI of the party will also grantee that host University/DAI will not issue NOC to PI for any purpose, e.g. postdoc leave/EOL/study leave/ university leaving etc. and that the PI will not be relieved from his/her parent institution/university until & unless the PI will not submit to the university/institution Project Completion Certificate /Project Clearance Certificate (PCC) duly issued by the HEC, after submission of Project Final Annual Report complete in all respect &/or other relevant documents to HEC.

  20. Moreover, university/DAI will also guarantee that university will not replace any PI of any of the NRPU project by itself without getting prior permission of HEC. For the purpose, university/institution will request HEC for notifying new/substitute PI as per policy guidelines if policy it allows. Failing to compliance with this clauses will make university/DAI responsible for refund of whole released amount from party or university/DAI itself.