NRPU Policy Points

​​​NRPU Policy Points​​

  1. ​No foreign payments may be made neither to any foreign firm for the purchase of any item/equipment etc. nor to any foreigner (as Co-PI)/consultant etc. Hence no LC may be got opened.

  2. International travel is not allowed under NRPU. However, PI may go abroad if he/she is funded/supported by a collaborating partner without any financial liability ​on part of HEC/NRPU.

  3. Proposal submitted  under NRPU must not be  meant for  establishment of laboratory or for only development.

  4. TA/DA is not allowed to any of the PI, Co-PI and student etc.

  5. However, travel expenditure as per actual may be reimbursed under head local travel but maximum up to 0.2 million per year per project.

  6. Any type of food/entertainment expenditure may not be demanded/reimbursed out of any budget head of NRPU grant released.

  7. The only studentship is allowed (M. Phil./MS/M.Sc.(Hon​.​)/PhD students or having inline 18 year schooling).

  8. No research associate/research assistant/field assistant/field surveyor/ or any supporting staff etc. can be engaged other than studentship in the project.

  9. No coordinator/consultant is allowed to be hired as it is responsibility of PI/Co-PI.

  10. However daily paid labour (DPL) can be demanded for a specific time period and may be hired at university rates if justified and approved under the proposal.

  11. Secretariat Staff (if required & justified by PI) is allowed @ Rs18, 000 per year.

  12. The total amount of the project would never be exceeded 20 million in any case if PI, s impact factor allowed.
  13. Next instalment is released after deducting previous unspent amount reflected by PI in his/her annual audited expenditure statement submitted to HEC. There is no provision of any committed amount. Principal Investigator have to submit his/her annual expenditure statement after paying their all due payments of expenditures. Specimen of annual expenditure statements (1st, 2nd, 3rd & final) is available on HEC-NRPU web site under download option. All PIs are requested to please use same.​

  14. PI must make all expenditure in accordance with the Government rules/regulations such as PPRA rules.

  15. All accounts of these funds shall be maintained as per Government rules and are subject to audit. 

  16. If a university teacher is working as PI or Co-PI in more than one project, he/she may get only one month's Initial Basic Pay under any one of his/her project as honorarium. 

  17. For closure of a Project, Principal Investigator has to submit following document in the end of the final year of the project. That is mandatory for release of final payments (retained amount by HEC) as well:

    a.     Final Annual Progress Report (specimen is available under download page).

    b.    Project Completion Proforma (Codal Formalities Proforma)- (specimen is available under download page).

    c.   Consolidated Expenditure Statement duly Audited by the Resident Auditor of the Respective University (specimen is available under download page).​​