Terms and Conditions

​​​Principal Investigator can execute or submit only two research projects simultaneously under any of HEC funded research grant programs either under NRPU or UITSP or TDF or TRGP or Pak-US etc. (either ongoing, submitted, under review, etc).

Equipment List already available in Universities/Institutes:



A research grant will normally be provided for a period of one to three years. However, there is no restriction on the lower limit. 


Financial Assistance:

Permissible limits of HEC are with reference to the cumulative Impact Factor of the Principal Investigator, are as follows:

For Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Impact Factor      Eligible Amount
100 or above      20 million
50-99      17 million
20-49      15 million
10-19   ​   12 million
0-9      10 million


For Remaining Disciplines other than  Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Impact Factor      Eligible Amount
50 or above      20 million
25-49      17 million
10-24      15 million
5-9   ​   12 million
0-4      ​10 million


Approval Procedure

  1. HEC has designated focal points/Reviewers in all disciplines / sub disciplines. They are the top experts in their fields. All research grants proposals are forwarded to these focal points for evaluation by at least three experts. Each of the reviewers is paid Rs=8000/- as a token of their valuable contribution to review the research proposal as per HEC policy. 
  2. Focal points/Reviewers will do initial screening of the projects sent to them by HEC.
  3. In case they do not consider a project suitable for funding, they can reject the project at their level  and for reviewers there are only two options either to accept or reject the proposals. However, they may suggest suitable updates/changes in the project for that PI would bound to improve his/her proposal before release of the funds alongwith submission of agreement inline with its clause 6.​
  4. The comments of focal points and reviewers are considered as the final decision in the case.


  1. After the Research Grant is approved for funding, a written agreement is signed between the HEC, the grantee (PI) and his/her institute.
  2. The host institute must administer the grant according to the agreement and provide laboratory space, and other facilities necessary for the project. The equipment, material and literature provided for the project through the Research Grants Program remains the in the custody of the institute after the project is completed.
  3. The grantee must keep the HEC properly informed about any applications of the results obtained and acknowledge support from HEC in all publications or presentations. Any research result obtained under the NRPU must be made freely available without restrictions.
  4. PI will update his/her final form of reviwed proposal if recommended by the experts as per clasue 6 of the agreement before release of the 1st installment of the funds.
  5. The Project(s) will be cancelled, if PI is not following the terms & conditions laid down by HEC.

 Annual Report:

The PI is required to submit a short annual report along with audited funds utilization report (specimens for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and final are availabe on HEC-NRPU web site under download option) of the project within fifteen days of the completion of each year.

Progress report should highlight the major achievements during the reporting period and completion of targets/goals as envisaged in the Proposal for the subject year.

The release of the subsequent year award is tied up with the approval of the Annual Progress Report by the experts as satisfactory and availability of funds from the Government of Pakistan.


HEC provides funds as per the following details:  

Sr. #​ItemsTotal Allocation
1.        ​Equipment 
(with full justification)​ if any of equipment is already provided to university, same can not ​allowed to request
As per requirements of the project


(with full justification and details of quantity required for the project)

As per requirements of the project
3.        Accessories (with full justification)As per requirements of the project 
4.        Journal Publication fee/online materialAs per requirement of the project but maximum up to Rs. 50,000/-

Honorarium  for PI

One month initial basic pay of scale per year on mentioned rates either PI is working on BPS or TTS

Lecturer @ Rs. 38350/-; Assistant Professor  @ Rs. 59210/-; Associate Professor @ Rs. 69090/-; Professor @    Rs. 76720/- Meritorius Professor @ Rs. 82380/-


Honorarium  for Co-PI (if justified)

One month initial basic pay of scale once in entire project life on mentioned rates either Co-PI is working on BPS or TTS

Lecturer @ Rs. 38350/-; Assistant Professor  @ Rs. 59210/-; Associate Professor @ Rs. 69090/-; Professor @    Rs. 76720/- Meritorius Professor @ Rs. 82380/-



·         MS/M.Phil. students

·         PhD students


@ Rs. 20,000/- per month

@ Rs. 25,000/- per month


Local Travel 

(if required and fully justified)

(Tentative schedule of visits for all the years of project life along with full justification and rates/calculations as per actual expenditure).

Note: TA/DA is not allowed, PI and students will reimburse their expenditures as per actual.

Maximum 0.2 million per year per project  calculated as per actual expenditure if field work/survey is involved; Moreover, students/PI will be allowed only to reimburse actual expenditures incurred during their field visit if any.
9.        Secretariat Staff (if required and justified)Rs. 18,000 per year
10.    Stationary/ContingenciesRs. 10,000 per year
11.    Any type of entertainmentNot Allowed
12.    Audit/AccountsRs. 20,000 (maximum)
13.    Other specific requirementsDepending upon the nature of the project if fully justified
14.    University overhead

If ORIC is fully functional & notified by HEC as per its established criteria

15% of total direct cost to meet office support and utilities etc. of ORIC
 b.If ORIC is not established/notified by HEC2% of total direct cost to meet research office support and utilities, etc.

Note: - If a university teacher working as PI or Co-PI in more than one project, he/she may get only one month's Initial Basic Pay under any one of his/her project.​

For closure of a Project/to received project completion letter, Principal Investigator has to submit following document in the end of the final year of the project. That is mandatory for release of final payments (retained amount by HEC) as well:

a.   Final Annual Progress Report (specimen is available under download page).

b.  Project Completion Proforma (Codal Formality Proforma)-(specimen available in download page).

c.  Consolidated Expenditure Statement duly Audited by the Resident Auditor of the Respective University (specimen is available under download page).​​​