Research Travel Grant for University Faculty & Scholars

Scientific seminars, conferences and symposia act as a welcome source of motivation and information for the academic and scientific communities. These events provide tremendous opportunity to exchange the scientific outcomes of knowledge creation and problem solving. Scientific conferences are ideal places to find out what's advanced in specific field, observe the various debates and controversies under way, meet interesting people, make contacts for the future, and, in general, interact with professionals in their fields. Beyond knowing inspiring stories, the participants see how others solved problems similar, which may help move them past the roadblock in their own research. The contacts developed in these events may result in a new collaboration.  It's always amusing to put the names one has read on papers for years with actual faces at scientific conferences. 

Higher Education Commission's Travel Grant Program aims at providing the opportunity to the academic and scientific communities to boost their research activities in the public and private sector universities and degree awarding institutes of Pakistan. Under this program, faculty and Ph.D. scholars are extended financial assistance for presentation of their research papers at national or international forums, which facilitates the interaction with skilled academia and researchers in the relevant field. This grant will also facilitate scholars proceeding abroad for the purpose of pursuance of Ph.D. studies in foreign universities, post-doctoral studies, and for the visits performed under cultural exchange program.

The objectives of this program are;

  • To extend financial assistance to faculty and researchers from public and private universities and degree awarding institutes to present their research work at national and international events.
  • To share academic and research experiences and achievements at national as well as international level.
  •  To share scientific ideas with national and international research community and get exposure to latest trend and techniques in research.
  • To explore opportunities for national and international academic collaborations.


For further details, please contact:


Mr. Aziz ur Rehman
Assistant Director,
Research & Development,
Higher Education Commission,
Sector H-9, Islamabad

Last Updated: 05-10-2017 13:39

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