Freqently Asked Question

Are applicants enrolled in universities/institutions outside of Pakistan eligible for the scholarship?

The scholarship will only be offered to the applicants who are enrolled in selected participating public sector Pakistani universities. List is already available on HEC webpage:

Does this scholarship provide any total or partial assistance to the students who are studying in other Pakistani universities outside of the HEC selected institutes?

This scholarship will not provide any assistance to students who are studying in institutions other than the HEC selected institutes.

What is the application process? Do I need to re-apply every year?

After being admitted to the selected university, you can apply directly for financial aid. The financial aid form will be made available with the Administration Office of the university. You can return it to the same office for submission. Once you are selected under this program, you will not need to apply every year.

What are the eligibility criteria for these scholarships?

Any financially constrained students enrolled in the selected university/DAI are eligible to apply. For further details, check the Eligibility Criteria page.

 What kind of expenses will be covered in this scholarship program? 

The scholarship covers the full tuition fee and monthly stipend (PKR 6000/month for 10 months).

Can I apply for admission to any of the participating universities for admission?

Yes, you can apply to any of the participating universities when they offer the admission.

 How can I apply for university admission? 

Please see the participating university schedule for the admission in the relevant programs.

How can I receive an application form?

The application form is available on the HEC website (downloads) and participating University web site/Financial Aid Office.

I have completed my matriculation. Can I apply for this scholarship?

No, these scholarships are only for the Undergraduate level.

I am studying in the third semester of the relevant course, am I eligible for this scholarship?

Yes, previously enrolled students can apply for this scholarship.

 I am already availing financial assistance/scholarship from university/institute. Am I eligible for this scholarship?

No, the students already availing financial assistance/scholarships from universities/institutes are not eligible to apply.

Which are the selected participating universities?

You can see the details of selected participating universities on the official Website of the Higher Education Commission.

 Is it possible to transfer the awarded scholarship from a selected university/institute to another one?

No. As per provision, it is not possible to transfer the scholarship from a selected university/institute to any other university/institute.

If we secure admission on self-finance in participating university then we are eligible for this scholarship?

No. Students who got admission on self-finance are not eligible for this scholarship.

Do the students who are studying in affiliated colleges of participating universities are eligible to apply for this scholarship?

No. This scholarship program does not cover affiliated colleges of participating universities.

Does HEC announce the starting and closing date of this scholarship program?

No. It is the responsibility of participating university to announce the start and end date.

Which are the supporting documents we need to attach with scholarship application form?

Following are the documents.

  • Salary slip.
  • Utility bills.
  • Parent/guardian CNIC.


Will this scholarship pay previous dues to already enrolled students?

Ans: No; Funds will be provided from the date of "Award of scholarship" not from the date of enrollment into the university.