Research Travel Grant for University Faculty & Scholars

Academic events are significant for professional development of researchers and scholars. They serve as a source for guidance, exposure, knowledge sharing, developing linkages, and problem solving. Academic Conferences, Seminars and Symposia provide opportunities for academicians to help understand the latest developments in their field and validate research findings, while creating opportunities for future academic collaborations.

Such events are the cornerstone of the academic environment. To cultivate this environment, the Higher Education Commission has set up a special Research Travel Grant Fund for University faculty, PhD scholars, and MS students at Pakistani Universities. Under this program, an academician or student selected to present research work at a national or international academic event is eligible to get funding from his/her academic institution and the academic institute will ultimately seek funding from HEC by applying for reimbursement

Note: In order to avail Travel Grant, applicants may apply to his/her respective University (public sector and eligible private sector) and the University will ultimately seek funding from HEC by applying for reimbursement. HEC will not entertain the applications directly under the said program. For further information please contact your university.

Last Updated: 12-01-2022 17:21

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