Pakistan Program for Collaborative Research (PPCR)

Pakistan Programme for Collaborative Research allows for university faculty working in Pakistan to go abroad or for researchers from technological advanced countries to come to Pakistan. Preference is given to faculty members visiting foreign institutions that have recognized excellence in the relevant research area. The visits can last between one to four weeks but can be extended to more than four months in case of sabbaticals. The visits are limited to one person (the visiting fellow) going to one institute/department in the host institution. The visiting fellow and a person from the host institution (the host) are co-applicants of the proposal.

The main aim of this funding, which is open to all fields of research, is to initiate or to consolidate international collaborations. To reach this aim, short research activity between the host institution and the visiting fellow should be carried out during the stay.

Preference will be given to activities that will support:

  1. Submission of papers to peer-reviewed scientific journals (co-authored by the visiting fellow and the host). The paper must be an effort of the joint research work being carried out by the applicants.
  2. Preparation of joint research proposals to be submitted to funding bodies. There must be previous communication with the applicant on the matter.
  3. Training for lab techniques in Pakistan for postgraduate students.
  4. Scientific or academic sabbatical in Pakistani universities.
  5. Curriculum review by the Pakistani universities and/or HEC.

The aim is to have an exchange of knowledge that is beneficial to both co-applicants. The attendance of congresses, conferences, workshops, seminars or talks is not envisioned in this programme.​

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