Award of Allama Muhammad Iqbal Scholarships for Afghan National Students

Afghan Project Phase III  

Coming Soon 

​​​The government of Pakistan is offering scholarships to Afghan youth for their capacity building through imparting quality education to 3,000 scholars in various fields including Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, Management and Computer science etc. The aim of this scheme is to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan and further it will enhance people to people contacts between both neighbouring​ states. 3000 Afghan Scholarship Covers Living Allowance, Book Allowance, and Hostel Dues & University Tuition fee.

Scholarship Levels:​

  1. Undergraduate Level
  2. Graduate Level (MS/M.Phil.)
  3. PhD Level 


The specific project objectives include.

  • To sponsor Afghan students for quality education
  • To establish professional linkages between the sister institutions of the two countries.
  • To promote human resource development for the reconstruction of Afghanistan
  • To develop people to people contacts between the two neighbouring countries
  • To create Pakistan's goodwill among the people of Afghanistan and to establish professional linkages between institutions of the two countries.
  • To provide an opportunity to Pakistani universities to attract the students of neighbouring countries for quality education.

Last Updated: 15-02-2022 21:39

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