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  • In French universities: Director of International Relations in the concerned university.
  • In Pakistani universities: Director (ORIC), while for non ORIC HEIs, Director Board of Advance Studies & Research of the university.



The projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the priority areas
  • Scientific quality of the proposed research
  • Research track and experience of the visiting fellow
  • The Principal Investigator's and the host institute's suitability
  • Complimentarily of co-applicants (benefit for each co-applicant)
  • Potential for long-term collaboration
  • Impact on economy & society



  • All applications will be assessed and ranked according to their scientific quality.
  • One of the primary criteria for selection is the active participation and mobility of young researchers, especially doctoral or post-doctoral students.
  • The proposals will be reviewed by the experts.
  • A joint-committee will proceed to the final selection of projects.



  • A joint final report is required to be submitted no later than three months after the completion of projects.
  • All progress reports will reviewed by the experts.
  • After successful completion of the project, the PI is required to submit a Project Completion Report endorsed by his/her collaborating partner.