National Research Program for Universities

NRPU Call for Proposals (2019-2020) is now closed. Deadline for submission of Full Project Proposal was 15th January, 2020 (23:59 hrs, Pakistan Standard Time)

National Research Programme for Universities (NRPU) is a flagship Research Programme of HEC for funding research grants on competitive merit for high-level and promising scientific research projects that demonstrate strategic relevance and impact to local industry and society.

In order to provide financial support for basic and applied research for researchers across Pakistan, NRPU has been serving the nation for more than a decade to provide a platform for academicians to win grants for basic and applied research. The main focus of this programme is to competitively select research projects that will address national priorities through supporting basic and applied research as well as translational research/experimental and transformative research in order to push research to do country specific, problem based having impact on society. HEC intends to stimulate partnerships between academic researchers and end-users.

Note: For ongoing NRPU projects, please refer to previous policy of NRPU

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